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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Last weekend we went to Laulasmaa, which is a resort about 35 kilometers (20 miles) from Tallinn. Laulasmaa boasted a nice swimming pool, saunas, and good food. To keep Marta and her cousin Simona occupied, I took the girls to the beach one afternoon.

Here is a photo of Marta making a snow angel:

And here she is on a swing:

This body of water is called Lahepera and it was mostly frozen when we got there. There was just a tiny opening in the clouds, which made the lighting very interesting:

Marta and Simona decided to try and move some of the sand from the frozen beach onto the ice to, I don't know, make things seem more beachy. I was very careful to make sure that they didn't get to close, and eventually I decided that we should go take a little hike in the woods nearby:


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