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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Very Interesting Male Physique

In our family, since the begining, it hasn't been unusual that I would take a bath with Marta. About 80 percent of the time she takes one with her mother, but on occasion, I'll go in the tub and give Epp a break.

Marta and I have a lot of fun in the tub -- we tickle each other, splash each other, and spit water at each other. But recently she has begun noticing that my body is not exactly like hers -- that is where she has an "inny" I have an "outty." I understand that this is a very interesting development in her concept of what makes me a "boy" and what makes her a "girl," but because she is so young she doesn't realize that I don't particularly feel like getting touched there by her in our tickling wars.

I try different methods -- one is to say, "No, that tickles TOO much" or "Ouch! That hurts!," but that doesn't work. Then I try to tickle her elsewhere,like under her arms, to distract her, but that just makes her want to go for my most ticklish part. Finally, I usually invite her to tickle something else, like my face. That seems to do the trick. Altogether, it's a pretty embarrasing situation and I am starting to wonder if we should find ourselves a bigger tub, or if her interest in my unusual body will evaporate with a few more uncomfortable pokes!

I guess most Dads have to go through this, yet not so publicly. But perhaps these kinds of anatomical lessons are a fact of life.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My first attempt at a Christmas card ...