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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm Glad We Got a Goat

Marta's original due date was around January 4. Later they moved it up to January 8 or so. So we were thinking that if Marta was on time, she would be a Capricorn - you know a sturdy, business savvy, social climber, but if Marta was a little bit late, then we would be stuck with a nutty, close=to-extraterrestrial-as-humanly-possible Aquarian.

I consulted an online astrologer at the time, who informed me that, it would be best if we had a ambitious goat rather than an aquatic philosopher in a house that already contained a brooding, pissy Scorpion and a crabby, homey Cancer the Crab. He also told me that he doesn't normally give away such advice for free.

But in the end, we got our goat. She likes simple stuff. Climbing up bookshelves to get a book. Climbing in and out of the bathtub. Watching TV. Drawing pictures of balloons. Feeding sheep. She is down to Earth. In fact so Earthy that she - as of now - thinks astrology is just crap. The other day she was looking at an astrology book I bought - called Nasty Astrology - and flipped through the book going "Oh look, a lion. Oh look, a goat." When I tried to explain to her that she was a goat, she looked thoroughly perplexed.


Blogger Eppppp said...

She is a Capricorn (by Western astrology) and a Goat (by Chinese system), so she is a double climber!
Today morning I woke up hearing "Marta, ära kuku!", meaning "Marta, don´t fall!"
I run there and...
She was standing on her window sill: firts her chair, then her table, then the window sill. A climber! Definitely.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Ruudi said...

Well not all the capricorns are climbers, some of the find their nice valley and they remain there until the grass is green and the sun is shining.. ( I+m one of them).

3:41 AM  

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