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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The parental instinct

I could be wrong, but I have the suspicion that a lot of people don't like children. They are often sick and jump on you when you want to sleep, and just rob you of energy.

I have to say that when I was in Vancouver last week, though I still had to get up pretty early, it was sort of nice to go to sleep when I felt like it and watch TV when I felt like it and basically live my pre-relationship, pre-fatherhood life.

But it got old rather quick. By my third day I was passing playgrounds thinking, "If my daughter was here, she'd have a really good time," and eating good Asian food thinking, "If my wife was here, she'd really like this restaurant."

Walking over the Lion's Gate Bridge (see above) I threw off a quarter to make a wish on keeping my family safe. I always am afraid when I am on the West Coast that something bad may separate us like an earthquake or epidemic.

On the other side of the bridge I met an indian (native) family - mother and two sons. One of the boys seemed sick and frail and I felt this sort of gravitational pull to help them figure out when the next bus was coming. I felt like this family was missing a father and that I had to substitute for one for at least the next 15 minutes. Maybe they did have a father. I don't know.

But it underscored that something big has changed in me. I like these trips though. I like being spit out on the otherside of the continent and being isolated. But I also liked it a lot when I came home and I got to see my little gnome nestled in her bed fast asleep. Having a family is a good thing. I don't see why anybody should be afraid of it.


Blogger andry said...

The greatest reason not to like children, they force you to grow

So simple it is

10:35 AM  
Blogger andry said...

actually the commonest reason...

10:36 AM  
Blogger Ruudi said...

I wish my boyfriend understood english and I wish your last phrases could change his mind... But I guess, I just have to deal with him by myself.. Anyway, lucky you and lucky your family! It+s nice to read about men like you..

12:55 PM  

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