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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Day in Prospect Park

Today we had the kind of day all Sundays should be. Instead of holing up on the beach we braved the traffic of Brooklyn to visit Prospect Park.

Brroklyn traffic is perhaps notorious. It's a congested borough. But it wasn't TOO bad considering I had driven in Jersey the day before, because New Jersey drivers are the worst drivers on Earth. Brooklyn has little quaint and confusing traffic circles, that screw things up.

We had a hard time finding a parking space.

Anyway, the park is beautiful. Marta took off, she hopped and ran and walked much of the park. She went to the zoo, where we saw prairie dogs, kangaroos, snakes, fish - which Marta calls "Nemo" after the movie, and gross bugs. There was also a sheep shearing festival, and Marta confidently took feed and fed the sheep. She liked it. She is like her mother - completely at ease with animals.

Later we went to the playground, where Marta had fun and met more kids. She seems do be doing well with socializing with others.

One thing I have learned about being father recently is to always have a hand ready for your child to hold. Be there so that she doesn't fall. But the second you grip the hand too tightly, the child will pull away, sometimes aggressively - and that's even more dangerous. So when I spot Marta at the playground, I lurk, but I make sure to make her feel confident and not like her father is controlling the situation too much.

Of course, Marta also went on the carousel with Epp. I think we all had a perfect day.


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