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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Being a Dad Rules!

This photo was taken last week before I left for San Francisco. Marta knew I was leaving and she held on tight to me. I was afraid it was a bad sign, that because she didn't want me to go, my plane might plummet into the Atlantic Ocean. I had a fantasy that we landed on the water and I swam to sure and walked back in our front door, soaking wet. "Hi honey, I'm home."

I could literally see our block as my plane flew over the peninsula headed far West. It's so weird to be lifted off the ground and put down in a far away place, far far away from one life, where you have a new home for a few days. This is my life. I do it every month.

But I have a confession to make. I almost cried as I saw our house go by. I don't necessarily like being far away from my family. I like it for a little while, but then I miss them. We are supposed to be a unit. I was trying to find Marta something cool in San Francisco, but I decided the coolest thing I can do is take her there one day and show her the seals. We should spend maybe two weeks out there exploring California, especially the parks, and the counties north of the city. It could be a fun trip.


Blogger andry said...

Dear Justin.
Amazing photo and text.
Maybe You happen to know the old indian (I mean american indians, those painted and with tomahawks shouting yuuhuu) Earth is out Mother (shit, I can't tell it in english - Maa, meie ema, Ilm, meie isa. Together it makes Maailm in estonian)
Why do I tell that? Emad õpetavad lastele ürgseid asju, vana ja kestvat olemist. Isad õpetavad ilmaelu, seda, kuidas inimesed omavahel hakkama saavad.

So, You must to travel and study Ilm to be a good daddy.

And don't be afraid. Our son went to Tallinn, to electricity museum right now. Hell knows, that can happen I thought. But then I said to myself;

"Stop it. Immidiately. If you are afraid, horror will grow and something can really happen."

Your Naine is writing about being afraid, very interesting piece of text.

11:11 PM  
Blogger Martasmimi said...

Oh, to be a parent...

Everytime you or your brother got into a car or on a plane I would
"fight the fear"... ..I still do. Everytime I get on a plane I too,
"fight the fear".
The reality is and always will be that that
"The more you live the less you die"
and like Andry, you too will face the day when Miss Marta will go on her own to a Zoo or a Museum and
you will take a deep breath and pray that her special angel will keep watch over her....
and you will do this forever...

8:41 AM  

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