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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Recently some of Epp's friends from Eestimaa showed up seeking shelter in our Big Apple and bearing gifts for one little toddler who knows how to say most anything in two languages.

One of those gifts was a DVD of Nukitsamees. This is an Estonian childrens' film from 1981 and it was filmed near where Epp is from, Karksi-Nuia in South Estonia.

It's a very northern European children's film - filled with witches, trolls, and one baby troll that two Estonian children adopt. The baby troll - Nukitsamees - literally 'horn/goat man' is just this little bad ass that wrecks the quiet order of country life. Marta LOVES Nukitsamees. Maybe she sees a little bit of herself in the little boy that causes constant chaos.

It is Marta's habit to fall in love with a movie and demand it over and over again until a new film comes along. For awhile she really liked the movie Polar Express starring Tom Hanks. More recently she's been watching Kõige Suuremad Sõbrad, another gift from the land over the sea.


Blogger Eppppp said...

I usually write not far from her&TV in the computer, or cleane the home somewhere closeby... So Im the one who remembers these favourite movies by heart as well as she does. Im so tired of Nukitsamees right now! It has great music but we have had it way too much during the last week. Im going to the library on Monday and hopefully find a new favourite, something different.

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