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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Brown-Haired Girl

From most of the photos you have probably seen of Marta, you\d think her to be a dirty blonde kind of kid with big blue eyes. You know, your archetypal Northern European. And I have to say it makes me feel kind of weird knowing that all of my children will probably have blue eyes. My mom has blue eyes, my father's mom has them, and I think nearly every person Epp is related to has them. It's not that all of you blue-eyed people aren't very beautiful, but I just feel like you are in a different club. The blue/eyed club. The "I need my sunglasses whenever I am outside" club. To me, blue/eyed people are just different. They are the type of people who think Peter Gabriel is a good dancer. Catch my drift?

So I was a little worried that I would be the odd man out in a family of kids that look like the children from The Sound of Music. But I am having my genetic revenge. I noticed this morning that Marta's hair that is growing in is darker brown, and perhaps this is a symbol that in future family portraits I won't be the outstanding gorilla with the five o'clock shadow and dark brown hair.

By the way you can do your own genetic calculations at this nifty website.


Blogger andry said...

in every life we have some trouble
when you worry you make it double

Dont worry, be (just) daddy

Genetic heritage is not SO important, seems to me.
What is the most important thing in relationship between child and father?

Honestly, I don't know.

So, don't worry, be daddy

12:05 PM  
Blogger Eppppp said...

I guess its an instinctive fear... one would say, genetically built in instinct.
You want to see your genes in your offspring.
And you want to be sure it is your daughter.
...Because that`s why you are in this earth. To pass the life (and your genes) on.
Genetic heritage is not the only most important thing but it does matter, want it or not.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Martasmimi said...

You are so handsome Justin... You look like a Gap cover ad.
Even with a 2 day beard
I think we feel much the same way When we were together with just Dad .. I felt like I was the odd one...
Sometimes I feel you look more like my sister Mary's child then mine.
Marta will get blonder in the
The most important thing is that
you are her Daddy and you will love and protect her...
A fathers love is the basis for all
future loves.You are in effect teaching her what love is and that
love feels warm, safe and respected...

5:42 PM  
Blogger andry said...

making children and growing them up is not like doing copy-paste process.

Actually, I felt very clearly the same feeling not with our daughter, but our son. So, You are not alone.

And it took some time, before I discovered, I don't want him to be a copy of me. I want he can find out how to be the person he is determinated or even destined to be. He must find his own way, his own life, he must become himself.

Suppose, it is same with Marta.

Salinger said, seems it was in "Carpenters, ride high..." that children are our guests. And this idea is taken from Bhagavadghita.

Best wishes to martasmimi. I love You.

One more thing. I know you have piles of books there in USA talking about different sides of life.
I would recommend the book called Fatherlove by Richard Louv. But I am sure there are lot of others, and better ones. When I found it, I was charmed with the name of the book. In estonian we have a word motherlove (emaarmastus) and everybody, I say everybody knows the song called Mother's Heart (Ema süda). The word fatherlove (isaarmastus) does not excist in estonian.

To be a father is quite a complicated, but also very interesting process. So, keep going.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Anu said...

I understand, what You mean.
When I was pregnant with Susanna, I hoped, that my daughter will be brunette, same as me.
Turned out that she is blue-eyed blond. And now Iam affraid of her hair might change the color and grow brown...
It is so strange, how can my child be blond?:)))
But my boy was quite blond as well, and now he`s allmost brown-haired. He`s 5.

1:44 AM  
Blogger andry said...

I have VERY BIG nose. And I am tall, bloody tall.

When my wife was pregnant, she prayed sometimes, that our daughter would be small and have small nose. (She told me a year after Maarja was born).

And guess what, Maarja is so short, she sometimes worries about it (1 meter 65 cm-s) and has quite a small nose.
But she still is my daughter

9:50 PM  

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